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Custom made wedding rings

2D sketch in 15 minutes, 3D mockup for an additional cost. Shipping Ukraine wide.
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Guarantee for custom made wedding rings

Quality metal
Only gold, platinum and silver, that has been tested in independent laboratories, is used in the making of custom made wedding rings;

Gold and platinum get stamped at the Ukrainian Assay Office (10% of the value of the metal)

You will receive a certificate for the precious stones.*
100% precision
The orders are created based on a sketch with 1mm accuracy;

Completely handmade;

The wedding rings are made to order so they 100% reflect the client’s idea;

Every detail is brought to perfection.
No two products are the same
If you created your own jewellery design and don’t want me to use your sketch again, I promise your jewellery item will be the only one in the whole world.
I give a lifetime guarantee on the absence of manufacturing defects;

Create products with the same accuracy as I would for myself, no flaws even in unnoticeable spots;

Liabilities do not apply to the cases where the products get cracked or deformed due to the fault of the owner.
10 days for made
Custom made wedding rings are made in 10 days;

I am always committed to the agreed upon deadlines;

The orders are completed on time even if I have to work 24/7.
50% discount
When restoring a lost product there will be a 50% discount on work time.
How to make it easier to choose wedding rings?

Think about your budget
Set a price range (eg. $40-$1,000) that you are willing to spend on custom made wedding rings and the jeweller will immediately suggest a perfect option, saving you time searching for the right type.
Choose the type of ring you prefer
Wedding rings are designed for daily wear. Therefore they should not only be
comfortable and perfect in size but also suit the personality and the the style of the
Such jewellery will appeal to women who are fans of a strict style (without unnecessary and weighting elements)
“Noble Classic”
Rings, that are decorated with hearts, incredibly popular among the
sophisticated and have a delicate and sensual nature.
“Refined Romance”
Unusual custom made wedding rings are chosen for the individuals who do not recognise standards, always striving to get “outside the box”.
“Daring Sophistication”
Diamond jewellery is a real gift for connoisseurs of exclusive and expensive items.
“Aristocratic Luxury”
Custom made wedding rings created with a combination of white gold and black gold attract those who like to experiment and regularly create new looks.
“Bicolour Temptation”
Платиновые украшения – статусная вещь, способная удовлетворить запросы даже самой требовательной и капризной невесты.
«Королевский эксклюзив»
Meet the craftsman
I can advise you on what can be altered in your sketch for your finished wedding ring to look perfect. I can also recommend the most fitting type of stone or metal in order to create the most exclusive and balanced custom wedding ring.

If you do not have your own design in mind then I can make a sketch in person in approximately 15 minutes.
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  • Original custom made wedding rings are made according to your sketch or a sketch by the jeweller;
  • Finished products that are ideally suited in size, style and temperament for the
  • Exclusive custom made jewellery where you pay only for the materials and labour;
  • Free shipping across Ukraine
Order a ring from the jeweller +38 (050) 357 1108
How to order wedding rings?
Get in touch
An order can be placed by phone or by filling out the online form on the website.
Approve the design
I can draw a sketch based on your wishes or we can discuss your own sketch or a photo.
Receive the product
Your order will be ready within 10 days.
Contact the jeweller +38 (050) 357 1108
on all orders over 6,000 UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnia).
Branded box
to every client
Order a wedding ring +38 (050) 357 1108
Urgent order
If you got caught up in all the pre-wedding rush and didn’t order your wedding rings on time, then place an urgent order. I will complete it as soon as possible (within 2 days). This will incur an additional 40% to labour costs.
Urgently call the jeweller +38 (050) 357 1108