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Custom made jewellery

A 20 year long journey to recognition
I started learning the basics of jewellery making back in 1995. To begin with, I was an apprentice in workshops in Kyiv, making simple and “rough” custom made jewellery. With thousands of hours of diligent work I came to know every stage of jewellery making perfectly, from turning a wax mould to polishing.

I didn’t stop there however! My goal was to reach such a level where my family and friends could recommend me to their friends as a high quality jeweller without any doubts that I’d complete any jewellery piece perfectly and on time.

The only thing missing was artistic skill. Therefore I enrolled into The Kyiv State Institute of Decorative Arts and Design named after Mikhail Boychuk. In 2001 I became a graduate. This newly acquired knowledge and 20 years of experience gained in “foreign” workshops allowed me to move to a new level. I opened my own jewellery workshop and began making custom made jewellery of any complexity “from A to Z”.

I will create any type of custom made jewellery as well as something 100% unique:

  • ➔ All materials are tested in independent laboratories.
  • The metal gets stamped by the State Assay Office.

  • ➔ Jewellery gets made in 10 days (in case of urgent orders - in 2 days).
  • ➔ I give a lifetime guarantee and a certificate for each piece of jewellery.
  • ➔ The exact match of the finished product to the sketch is guaranteed.

Additional services:

Using my own handmade tool I also make:
On all orders over 6,000 UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnia) I will make an engraving of any complexity for FREE. I can advise on beautiful patterns and inscriptions.
Stone carving
I do artistic stone carving, detailing each element.
Enamel application
I am one of a few jewellers in Kyiv who work with enamel so I can advise which design would be ideal for your product.

My credo

I am what I do, and I strictly adhere to these principals

I work “with a soul”
I create each piece of custom made jewellery as if it were for my dearest friend.

All the flaws get removed and every stoke gets polished to make the finished jewellery look flawless.

It is my guarantee that you will not find any defects even in places that are not visible when worn.
I value your and my time
My jewellery is made according to:

  • the client’s sketches (could be brought to the workshop in Kyiv or sent via email);

  • my own mockups (can advise on interesting options and create a sketch in 15minutes)
“Net” price:
I create jewellery products on my own without the help of other craftsmen in Kyiv.

Therefore, in the cost of the product I only include the price of the chosen material + the price of the job.

No additional markups for the rental of the workshop, utility costs or reseller services.


We decided that we wanted unique wedding rings just a few days before the wedding.
Finding an experienced jeweller and getting a finished custom made product in such a time frame seemed like an unrealistic task.

But we were lucky, my colleague recommended that I visit this jeweller in Kyiv. 3 days passed and we picked up our wedding rings in a beautiful box.
Yulia and Artem
Молодые предприниматели
I was looking where to order a ring for almost 3 months when I came across the website of George Rykhalsky.

I met with the jeweller in Kyiv, and he advised on the metal and stones for my order. I approved the sketch and 2 weeks later I put the ring on my finger.

I have a lot of jewellery, but this one is my favourite as it accurately reflects my character and fits perfectly, Thank you for such a masterpiece!
Katerina, 27yo
администратор SPA-салона
For my wife’s 40th birthday I wanted to give her a ring. My boss recommended the jeweller.

George exceeded my expectations! He made an exact copy of the photo which gave my wife a wild delight! I can safely recommend to everyone)
Evgeniy, 42yo
банковский служащий
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