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Custom made chains

Gold, platinum or silver chains made to order from George Rykhalsky studio

+38 (050) 357 1108
Men’s and women’s chains to order
Gold and platinum chains
Silver chains made to order
Personalized chains made to order
This is based on the personal preferences of the person whom the chain is intended for. I make jewellery out of platinum, gold and silver. All metals are stamped with a quality approval of the Ukrainian Assay Office.

The length of the chain is based on the height of the person, for example for children under 10yo 40cm is enough; for adults - 50-60cm. I also advise to pay attention to your own comfort - shorter models with be more comfortable for everyday wear, but if your intention is to wear the chain over the clothes (for special events) then the longer chains are better suited, up to 80cm. They look especially stylish with pendants.

Most often, the following styles are preferred for making gold chains: Bismarck, Anchor, Gourmet, Figaro and Lava. Each one of them is different in the shape and size of the links. The first three styles are equally popular in both men and women’s models, where Figaro is distinguished by its original design with alternating small and large links, and Lava is a softer version where the links are made in the shape of a heart.

Reliability of the clasp
This is the most important element of a chain. It depends on how high quality the clasp is, whether you will lose the jewellery with daily wear or not. Chains are most often worn constantly and get removed only during hygienic procedures or at night. There are different variations of clasps such as spring, carbine, round variations, as well as magnetic and tog. I will suggest the most reliable option for the specific type of chain.

What you need to know before buying a custom made chain

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100% handmade
No third party experts. A one of a kind custom made chain made with awe, love and completely by hand
Jeweller experience
The finished jewelry made by the jeweler with 25 years of experience will exactly match the approved sketch. You order the product directly from the craftsman, bypassing agents.
Lifetime warranty
I take responsibility for the quality of my work and fully exclude the presence of any manufacturing defects in the finished product. Your chain will be ready on time even if I’d have to work around the clock.
No hidden fees
You only pay for the materials and labour. No additional markups for marketing, rent or work of other craftsmen.
Watch a short film about the making of custom made jewellery
How to place an order
Place an order
Choose the most convenient way of communication: by phone, Viber or Telegram
Approve the design
I will get in touch with you to discuss the details of your order: sketch, photo, budget, your wishes.
Get the finished product
I start work immediately after the order confirmation and deliver the finished product right on time.
with the purchase of custom made chains
  • Stylish box
    with every order
  • Rhodium layer
    on all orders over 10,000 UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnia)
  • Free engraving
    on all orders over 6,000 UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnia)
  • Discount
    When you order a reproduction of a lost item